_ b i o g r a p h y

Music Composer /  Producer /  DJ / Digital Media Artist /  Sound Designer / Keyboardist  / Singer

senzai1Minami Kato (aka Minami K / Minami BK) is a naturally gifted artist and passionate creator.  From an early age, Minami recognized that she was different from her classmates in her native Japan, where conformity was a means of survival and success.  Although difficult at times, Minami’s heightened sensitivity allowed her to see past this, and develop her own sense of the world.

Minami began classical piano training at the early age of 4 and developed perfect pitch by age 5.  In addition to piano, Minami played French horn, tuba, guitar, bass guitar, and vocals.  She was always around music throughout her childhood.

At the tender age of 18, Minami moved to Los Angeles and spent the next 7 years discovering herself without the cultural pressures she felt as a child.  There was excitement, new experiences, new acquaintances, secrets, consequences, discovery, development, and growth.  Her experiences in this period may one day become part of her future memoir, but for now she has music to share with the world.

In 2009 she visited New York City for business.  She immediately felt the city’s strong magnetic pull and decided that she needed to move there immediately.  Three months later she became a New Yorker and focused all of her energies on her artistic endeavors.

Minami honed her craft while studying electronic music production at New York City’s Dubspot.  While attenting Dubspot, she completed the Electronic Music Producer/DJ Master Certificate Course, and received invitations to enroll in two of their competitive scholarship courses.  Her experiences at Dubspot made her realize that electronic music and sound as an art form were her true calling.  A medium that brought together her interests in technology and art, it was the obvious and natural direction.

In addition to her electronic music production, she recently began studying composition at the prestigious Julliard School.  Minami currently resides and creates in New York City, and believes it to be her final destination where all of her artistic work can be realized.


  • Main Platform
    Sound || Ableton Live (Dubspot certified), Logic Pro, sound design by sampled sound, Native Instruments Komplete, Sibelius
    Visual || Adobe Premiere (Bric certified), After Effects, Photoshop
    DJ || Traktor
    etc || Underground Producers Alliance member, Bric Certified Media Producer in TV production, Wax Poetics Japan associate